ShudderCon Places

ShudderCon is the world’s largest annual mystery, thriller and suspense convention, with over 50,000 attendees from all over the world converging for four incredible days. This year we are thrilled to be in Sin City itself, Las Vegas, Nevada. And what better home is there for ShudderCon than the Masquerade Hotel and Convention Center?

The sprawling property has been decorated from the casino to the rooftop pool in a deliciously spooky Gothic style. You’ll find rich red velvet upholstery, flickering candles and spider webs – fake, we hope! – in every room and surprises around every corner.

The Costumer

Masquerade is home to the biggest costume shop in the west. Located right off the lobby and featuring thousands of top-of-the-line costumes for rent or purchase, The Costumer is a one-stop shop for all your cosplay needs.

Trick or Treat Bar

No trip to the Masquerade would be complete without a stop in the hotel bar. Known for its creative selection of Halloween-themed drinks, this is a treat you won’t want to miss. Ask Rosa, the bartender, to mix you up a Black and Orange, the bar’s signature drink. Recently featured by the Spirited Sommelier, the Black and Orange invokes the flavors of an orange Tootsie Pop with a little extra kick.

Getting Around

Aside from the vast exhibitor and vendor halls, viewing auditoriums and meeting rooms, Masquerade offers a variety of dining and entertainment options.

Enjoy fine dining at the renowned Samhain Steakhouse, a masked ball every Saturday night in the ballroom, and even wedding services at All Hallow’s Chapel.

Try not to get lost, but if you do, look for the staff in the masquerade masks!

Events & Panels


7pm – Samhain Steakhouse
Private networking dinner for actors and managers, including the casts of The Devil’s Daughter and Rebound


10am – Meeting Room 7
Panel discussion featuring debut author Agatha Neumeier

12pm – Meeting Room 3
Indie Suspense Films panel discussion with Sadie Porter

2pm – Exhibitor Hall
Autographs and photo session with today’s biggest mystery, thriller and suspense stars, including Sadie Porter, Leila Singh and Drake Rothchild

3pm – Meeting Room 9
Screenwriting panel discussion for aspiring writers, featuring a Q&A with Evelyn Green of Rebound and the masterminds behind the smash-hit Stranger Things

 4pm – Auditorium A
Premier showing of the TV adaptation of popular comic book De La Quinn, featuring a mind reading detective

8-10pm – Main Convention Floor
Visit the circular stage and enjoy performances by a variety of  musical acts all night long


3pm – Meeting Room 12
Panel discussion featuring the cast of The Devil’s Daughter, the runaway hit about a writer who brings her monstrous characters to life and the detective who unveils her dark secret

7-11pm – Masquerade Ballroom
Attend the Masquerade’s weekly masked ball in style – stop by The Costumer and rent your party wear, then dance the night away in style


12pm – Samhain Steakhouse
Private brunch for TV and movie industry professionals 

12pm – Meeting Room 5
Panel discussion featuring breakout star Sadie Porter on her upcoming movie