By Hildred Billings

The Show

Two of ShudderCon’s most esteemed guests know how to woo their fans… but can they woo each other?

Drake Rothchild and Leilah Singh have starred on the supernatural TV show “The Devil’s Daughter” long enough to gain attention. Yet what their biggest fans don’t know is that one of cable TV’s hottest on-screen couples want absolutely nothing to do with each other in real life!

Leilah sees her kitschy show as a mere stepping stone. The bridge between her classical Indian dance career and becoming the next Bollywood beauty to take Tinsel Town by storm. But balancing her personal life with her professional means keeping certain secrets deep in her heart – such as her bisexual identity that could upset some of her more traditional fans.

Drake, on the other hand, is out and proud to the point that she puts a damper on Leilah’s image. Coupled with a frothing fanbase that insists on “shipping” them together, the tensions between Leilah and Drake come to a head at ShudderCon. To top it all off? They have to share a suite!

Yet there’s something that neither of them will admit.

They’ve got the hots for each other. Even Drake, who lost her marriage to the stress of her job. Even Leilah, who will do anything to keep her truth from the world.

When they get to Las Vegas, sparks will fly. And if things catch fire, they’ll be found in the stairwell… fanning their own flames!


Hildred Billings

Hildred Billings is a Japanese and Religious Studies graduate who has spent her entire life knowing she would write for a living someday. She has lived in Japan a total of four times in four different locations, from the heights of the Japanese alps to the hectic Tokyo suburbs, with a life in Shikoku somewhere in there too. When she’s not writing, however, she spends most of her time talking about Asian pop music, cats, and bad 80’s fantasy movies with anyone who will listen…or not.

Her writing centers around themes of redemption, sexuality, and death, sometimes all at once. Although she enjoys writing in the genre of fantasy the most, she strives to show as much reality as possible through her characters and situations, since she’s a furious realist herself.

Currently, Hildred lives in Oregon with her girlfriend and dreams of a cat.

You can find Hildred and join her mailing list (to be notified about new releases) at her site: Join her Facebook group by clicking here.

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