By Sienna Waters

The Payoff

Ten years ago law student Cali and straight girl Esta shared a night of passion at ShudderCon. A night that ended with both their lives changed irrevocably and with Esta walking away forever.

Fast forward a decade and Cali’s comic book designing career has failed to take off. She has a week until she starts a staid desk job and ShudderCon is her final gasp of freedom. The last thing she expects when she arrives is to lock eyes with the one woman responsible for changing her life in an instant.

Esta has spent a decade burying her true self, coming out of the closet only once a year to celebrate ShudderCon. And when she sees the woman that started it all she can’t help but want to run again. Her secret life is tearing her apart, but she’s too afraid of losing her job, her family, and her friends to come out now. Until an ex-client appears who wants to take that decision out of her hands…

The connection between Cali and Esta is too strong to be denied. But just as Cali’s life seems to be coming together at con, Esta’s is falling apart. Unless both of them are willing to take a risk so they can both get the payoff.

Once in a lifetime you meet the person capable of changing you forever. No one can hope for a second chance. Or can they?


Sienna Waters

I’ve always loved romance, any kind of romance. But growing up, I could never find the exact kind of romance I wanted, the kind of romance about people like me. So I decided to write it myself. My books are about two people falling in love, just like all romances are. But in my case, those two people just happen to both be women. And all my stories have a happy ending, because I truly believe that there’s a happy ending out there waiting for everyone.

When I’m not writing I’m spending far too much time online shopping, trying to persuade my cats to dress up, and trying to persuade my wife that I’m not as crazy as I sometimes appear (she believes this about half the time, the other half of the time she just puts up with me with endless patience).

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The Show

Drake and Leilah are who make their supernatural TV show so popular. Yet their ravenous fans threaten to ruin their personal – and professional – lives. Can they overcome their avoidance of one another to not only make a joint appearance at ShudderCon, but address their real-life attraction as well?

The Bluff

First scandal rocked Sadie’s carefully constructed life, and now a stalker threatens her safety. Escaping to a convention for a few days is exactly what she needs, but her bodyguard might be an issue. Nic promises to keep her safe, but Sadie’s never wanted anyone more. Can they keep their hands to themselves? Well… what happens in Vegas…

The Shark

This weekend is aspiring writer Sabrina’s last chance to sell her TV script and the first thing she does at ShudderCon is stumble head-long into an elevator with her idol, the sizzling hot screenwriter, Evelyn Green. It would be fate… if Sabrina hadn’t thoroughly burned that bridge three years ago. Can Sabrina convince Evelyn to give her a second chance, or will it all go up in smoke?

The Longshot

A risk-averse maid’s life changes forever when a wild runaway bride convinces her to help win back her fiancée. Will they take a chance on love and one another?

The House

Having recently taken over her family’s Halloween-themed Vegas hotel, closeted heiress Jacqueline offers struggling novelist Agatha staggering amounts of money to show her 
around ShudderCon. Since Agatha’s an eager con guest, she can help Jacqueline—in the name of market research— and Jacqueline’s VIP privileges certainly don’t hurt. The deal allows Jacqueline to spend more time with the captivating writer, but can the two fight their growing connection when the shadow of her family’s disapproval lurks in every cobwebbed corner?